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KFMG Donation Premium List!!!

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Sunday, October 29, 2023
FUND DRIVE 2023 – Premium List
(What you can score with your kind and generous donation to KFMG!!)

Please consider helping KFMG to continue as "Your Community Voice" by providing financial assistance. You can easily donate by making a contribution with a credit card through our website, www.kfmg.org, or by calling KFMG at 515-244-4145 or 244-4146. (If you call to donate, please leave a message if the phone is not answered.) If you leave a message, indicate you wish to donate, leave a name and number, and let us know what time of day we should call back. If you wish to donate we WILL call you back! Of course, you can always donate by mailing a check or money order directly to KFMG at: 


P.O. Box 41143 

Des Moines, IA 50311 


Or, you can use our convenient link to make an online contribution via your preferred credit card HERE:




**$15.00 – 2 for $25.00**


Music DVDs

Michael Bolton – Live at Royal Albert Hall 

Flight of the Conchords – Born to Folk – 2nd Season – HBO Series 

Simply Red – Live at Montreux 2003 

Slightly Stoopid – Live @ Roberto’s 


DVD Documentary 

Hybrid Pioneer” – Local Artist Documentary film by Kristian Day (autographed by the filmmaker)


**$15.00 (no twofers)**


Nikki’s Wives CD & Adjustable Black or Camouflage Cap (2: 1 camo/1 black)


Hardworking Americans “fun pak” with flag, a metal thermos, and 4 seed packets (they Really REALLY grow! Two carrots and two cucumbers)


Lee Shaw & Rich Syracuse – Live at Caspe Terrace CD 


Ace of Cups 2-CD set 


WAYBACK RECORDS $15.00 gift certificate



**At $15.00 ea **


Culture Buzz Books – Hardbacks & paperbacks

(each book comes with a CD recording of the “Culture Buzz” interview with the author)


Emily Dickenson’s Gardening Life (hardback) 


Griff: Life as Drake’s Top Dog (hardback)


Read, Laugh, Repeat (paperback) 


Laughing At Myself (hardback)


Moon of the Snowblind: Spirit Lake Massacre (paperback) 


Honey on the Page (hardback)


Called to Be Creative (Paperback) 


Big Brain Little Brain (hardback)


Town Kid (w/CD) (paperback)


Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Old? (hardback)


Mapping America (hard back)  


Wild Souls (hardback) 


The Dali Legacy (hardback) 


Bride of the Buddha (paperback)  


Hollywood to the Himalayas (hardback) 


Winning Independence (hardback)  


Facing the Mountain (hardback) 


Our Team (hardback)  


The Musical Human (hardback)  


Bakerita (hardback)


Joe Biden: The Life, the Run, and What Matters Now  (hardback)


Natural Encounters: Biking, Hiking, and Birding Through the Seasons (hardback)


The Call (hardback) 


The Confidence Men (hardback) 


Coming Home (paperback) 


The Full Spirit Workout (- paperback) 


Wildland Sentinel (paperback)  


The Essential Guide to CBD (paperback) 


**Non-Culture Buzz Books: $15.00 ea**


Aah… The Pleasure Book (paperback) 


Delta Lady- A Memoir  by Rita Coolidge (Paperback book


“Moonshine-A Celebration of America’s Original Rebel Spirit” hardback book by John Schlimm 


“Bright Midnight” book by Chris Formant w/accompanying CD by Robert Hunter & Jim Lauderdale 



**At $20.00 - Autographed CDs**


Shed My Skin by Dan Navarro – signed by Dan 

National Throat by Will Daily – signed by Will 

Tough Times Don’t Last by Grady Champion – autographed by Grady 

Invisible Stars by Everclear - autographed by - Art Alexakis 

Voyageur by Kathleen Edwards – autographed by Kathleen 

Harlequin Dream CD– autographed by Boy and Bear 

Lou, by Joseph Arthur (tribute to Lou Reed) – autographed by Joseph 

World on Fire by 28 North – autographed by all 4 band members 

Companion by Humming House – Autographed by the Band 

United We Stand (debut full-length CD) by Adrian Duffy & Mayo Brothers - signed by Adrian Duffy 

Someone Like You (2013 EP) – autographed by Adrian Duffy 

View From the Edge by David Wilcox – signed by David

Deeper by Nuke the Soup – signed by Mark Davison 

Immediate Family – Can’t Stop Progress autographed by Russ Kunkel 

Bob Schneider – The King Kong Suite Set (3 EPs plus a Bob Schneider wristband)

The Nadas – Nada Silent Night

The Nadas -  Come Along for the Ride

The Nadas -  Numero Duo

Kathryn Severing Fox – Sweet Beginnings


**At $20.00**


Green Zone Gift Packet from Linda Mason Hunter – 1 Green Clean book (autographed); 1 Three Green Rats book (autographed); ($35 value)


While No One Was Looking – 2-CD set “Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records” 


High Crest Fun Pak – 1 CD; 1 t-shirt (XL); 1 autographed poster


Donny Hathaway  Never My Love: The Anthology”, a four-CD career retrospective 


Breakfast Club - $15.00 gift card 



Blues 3-CD Packages @$20.00 (ea)


#1: Junior Wells – Chicago Blues Band; Jeremiah Johnson Band – Blues Heart Attack; Duke Robillard – A Swingin Session with

#2: Tad Robinson – Day Into Night; Alastair Greene Band – Trouble at the Door; Backtrack Blues Band – Way Back Home

#3 Anthony Gomes – Containment Blues; Jon Brown – 70 Years Coming; Regina Bonelli – Truth Hurts

#4: Coco Montoya – Coming In Hot; Chris Gill – Between Midnight and Louise; Guy Davis – Be Ready When I call You

#5: Brandon Santini – Live & Extended; Ray Blue – Berries & Blues; Steve Azar & the Kings Men – Down at the Liquor Store

#6: Terri Odabi – My Blue Soul; Randy Oxford Band – Festival; Jimmy Carpenter – Walk Away

#7: Backtrack Blues Band – Way Back Home; Linsey Alexander – Way Back Home; Gina Sicilia – Sunset Avenue

#8: Dudley Taft – Deep Deep Blue; Doug McCleod – Live in Europe; Eric Johnson – Songs Explorations on Guitar and Piano

#9: J.P. Soars – Full Moon Night in Memphis; Brent Johnson – Set the World on Fire; Lara Price – I Mean Business

#10: Trampled Under Foot – Wrong Side of the Blues; Anthony Geraci & the Boston Blues All Stars – Fifty Shades of Blue; Backtrack Blues Band – Way Back Home

#11: The Bruce Katz Band – Out From The Center; The Reverend Jimmy Batcher – Secretly Famous; Lisa Biales – Singing in my Soul

#12: Sean Chambers – The Rock House Sessions; Austin Young & No Difference – Blue As Can Be; Backtrack Blues Band – Way Back Home

#13: Rick Estrin & the Nightcats – Groovin’ In Greaseland; Chickenbone Slim – Sleeper; Rockin’ Johnny Burgin – Neoprene Fedora

#14: Shaun Murphy – Livin’ The Blues; Dexter Allen – Keep Moving On; Little Joe McClaren – Believe I’ll Make A Change

#15: Wentus Blues band w/Duke Robillard – Too Much Mustard; Matty T. Wall – Transpacific Blues; Billie Williams – Hell to Pay

#16: Popa Chubby – It’s A Mighty Hard Road; Screamin’ John & T.D. Lind – Mr Little Big Man; Blues Meets Girl – Self-titled

#17: Bobby Rush – Sitting On Top of the Blues; Tom Gilberts – Old School; Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom – Slide Rules

#18: Mark May Band – Deep Dark Demon; Scott Weiss Band – Simmer Me Down; Scott Ellison – Skyline Drive

#19: Joanna Connor – Rise; Eric Hughes Band – Postcard From Beale Street; Sunnysiders – The Bridges

#20: Seth Walker – Are You Open?; Sister Lucille – Live; Altered Five Blues Band – Ten Thousand Watts

#21: John Primer & Bob Corritore – Knockin’ Around These Blues; Big Harp George – Living in the City; Satan & Adam – Mother Mojo

#22: Terry Quiett Band – Taking Sides; Mighty Sam McClain – Too Much Jesus, Not Enough Whiskey; Shawn Pittman – Edge of the World

#23: Wee Willie Walker & the Anthony Paul All-Stars – ‘Not In My Lifetime’; Biscuit Miller – ‘Wishbone’; Neil Barnes – ‘Bald Guy With A Lot On His Mind’

#24: Deb Ryder – Let it Rain;  Deb Ryder – Let it Rain; Terry Quiett Band – Truth & IntentDanny Brooks & Lil’ Miss Debi – Are You Ready?

#25: Gary Moore – How Blue Can You Get; Little Joe McClaren – Facebook Blues; Willie Jackson – All In The Blues

#26: Savoy Brown – Ain’t Done Yet; Chris Antonik – Morning Star; Doug Macleod – Break the Chain

#27:  Toronzo Cannon & the Chicago Way – The Preacher, The Politician, or the Pimp; Mannish Boys – Wrapped Up & Ready; Justin Howl – Wanderlust

#28: Nick Moss – Time Ain’t Free; Lady A – Satisfyin’; Junior Wells Southside blues Jam w/Buddy Guy, Otis Spann, Louis Myers

#29: Mikey Junior – Travelling South; Mick Kolassa – If You Can’t Be Good, Be Good At It; Debbie Davies – Love Spin

#30: D.A. Foster – The Real Thing; Big Harp George – Living in the City; Mercedes Nicole - Constellation

#31: Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers – Love Whip Blues; Richard Wilkins – Life’s for Livin’; Ricci/Krown – City>Country>City

#32: The Sully Band – Let’s Straighten It Out; Robin McKelle & the Flytones – Heart of Memphis;Mick Schaffer Band – Back to the Blues

#33: Brothers Keeper – Todd Meadows; The Wildroots – Sessions Vol 2; Cassie Taylor – Blue

#34: Duke Tumatoe & the Power Trio – Greatest Hits Vol. 2; Matt Lomeo – When You Call; Emma Wilson – Wish Her Well

#35: Mick Kolassa – I’m Just Getting Started; Patty Tuite – Hard Case of the Blues; Big Jack Johnson – Stripped Down in Memphis (w/Kim Wilson & Wild Child Butler)



**At $25.00**


Sara Routh Package: 2 CDs: “Black Sheep” & “Road(s)”; “Black Sheep” tour poster; Stickers for ‘Sara Routh website’ and ‘Just a Regular One Of A Kind”; ‘Just a Regular One Of A Kind’ tote bag.


The Library Café - $25 Gift card 


Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary “Wake of the Flood” 2 CD Deluxe Edition 


Grateful Dead “1973 Live @RFK Stadium” 2 CD Deluxe Edition 


Bob Schneider – The King Kong Suite Set (3 EPs plus a Bob Schneider wristband) 




**At $30.00**


Cy’s Perfecrt Day Signed by John Walters; PLUS $20 gift Certificate from Beaverdale Books


Copy of R-Kive, a three-CD career retrospective of both Genesis recordings and Genesis-member solo recordings.


Grateful Dead – “Ready or Not” Remastered from the Soundboard Tapes 


David Crosby - ”If I Could Only Remember My Name” Reissue w/bonus CDs                          


Autographed copy of B. John Burns' book: Baby Pictures: My Year on the Road w/Baby Lester & the Buggybumpers ($37.85 Retail value)



**At $40.00 ****FOOD gift cards/certificates ($40)***


Jersey Mikes – Reg. Sub, Chips, & Drink "Free Lunch for up to Three Guests" ($35 value)


Waveland Café - $25 Gift Card


Buzzard Billy’s - $25 Gift Card 


The Chicken - $25 Gift Card 


el Bait Shop - $25 Gift 


Fong's Ankeny - $25 Gift Card 


Fong's - $25 Gift Card  


Lucky Horse - $25 Gift card 


Hessen Haus - $25 Gift Card


The Iowa Taproom - $25 Gift Card 


The Library - $25 Gift Card 


Truman's - $25 Gift Card 


Truman's – “Pizza & a Pint” gift cards 14’ pizza and a pint 


Rita’s - $25 Gift Card 


Dough Co - $25 Gift Card 


Red Monk or Royal Mile -  $25 Gift Card 



Pair of tix for Rayland Baxter at Wooly’s - (11/10/23) ($50.00 value)


Pair of tix for Danielle Nicole at Wooly’s - (1/13/24).



Paul Kelly – NEARLY COMPLETE – A to Z Box Set (8 CDs); Songs from the South (2-CD “Greatest Hits” collection); Spring and Fall (2012) release; and from 2016, Death’s Dateless Night (with Charlie Owen) and Seven Sonnets & A Song (words by Wm. Shakespeare, music and performance by Paul Kelly)(Australian singer/songwriter)


Iowa CD Package #1 – B. John Burns – Badass Storm (new); B. John Burns – The Creator; Larry Meyer – Flatlands; Chad Elliott & the Redemptions – Rest Heavy; the Sun Studio Sessions; Copy of the BOOK “Rumble & Flash” by Chad Elliott 


Iowa CD Package #2 – Bonne Finken – Gauntlet (autographed); Cheshire Moon – the Midnight Contingent;Bonnie Koloc – Seems Like Yesterday;Cleo’s Apt “New Tennants” ep; Patressa Hartman – Queen of Everything; Josh Sinclair – Silicone & Wine


Iowa CD Package #3 – Joe & Vicki Price – Live @the Octopus; Bob Pace & the Dangerous Band – Slow Burn; Courtney Krause – Tie Your Tongue, Bite Your Lip; B. John Burns – Ample Waves of Gray; *PLUS* A Dan Trilk Coffee Mug and a Koozie from Byron’s in Pomeroy, IA


Iowa CD Package #4 – The NADAs – Come Along For The Ride; Jason Walsmith Storyteller – Overlander; Jason Walsmith Storyteller – Live Octopus; Bob Dorr & the Blue Band – 36 Years; Matt Jesson – Departure; Avey-Grouws Band – The Devil May Care 




**At $50.00** 


**Orchestrate Gift Cards**


Django - $25 Gift Card 


Malo - $25 Gift Card 


Zombie Burger - $25 Gift Card 


Centro - $25 Gift Card 



**Also at $50.00**


Little Feat – ’50 Years of Feat’ package. Includes: Special Gig-size Poster, Tote Bag, 2 Ceramic Pins


Widespread Panic 5-CD Package w/Earth to America; Live in the Classic City; Don’t Tell the Band; Night of Joy; Choice Cuts


Pair of Tickets for Caspe Terrace Shows - $60.00 Value:

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2 PM:  SPARKS (William Parker, Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler & Steve Hirsh)






**At $60.00**


Voucher for 2 tickets for any upcoming show at the Des Moines

Community Playhouse. Good for the 2022-2023 season. (value ranges from $60 to $100 depending upon the show chosen) 


**At $75.00**


Passenger “Let Her Go Autographed and framed 2013 tour poster from the US tour


Passenger -"Young As The Morning; Old As The Sea" Autographed Special Edition: Double Vinyl w/Booklet ($150.00 value)



**At $80.00 **


“Prince – Purple Rain” Logo Proof sheet – Autographed by Creator/Artist Jay Vigon


Pair of tickets for NICKEL CREEK  – 2/09/24 – Hoyt Sherman (1) pair = $99 VALUE

Pair of tickets for BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA -  3/1/24 - (CMA) – Hoyt Sherman (1) pair = $104 VALUE

Pair of tickets for GAELIC STORM – 3/14/24 – Hoyt Sherman (3) pair = $100 VALUE


IOWA WOLVES Basketball Passes:  4-Seat Sideline Passes; good for ANY Iowa Wolves Basketball games. Retail Value of $120.00 



**At $100.00**


IOWA WOLVES Basketball Passes/PLUS:  4-Seat Sideline Passes; good for ANY Iowa Wolves Basketball games. PLUS: An Iowa Wolves T-Shirt (large or x-large) Retail Value of Tix $120.00 - Retail value of T-Shirt $20.00 


Van Halen 1984 - Smoking Angel ” – print – Autographed by creator, Margo Nahas


Pair of tickets for STEVE HACKETT @ Hoyt Sherman – Sunday November 5th


Pair of tickets for A.J. Croce – 11/15 – Hoyt Sherman (3) pair =  $120 VALUE


Pair of tickets for Des Moines Symphony - Voucher : valid for pair of gold tickets to any Symphony Masterworks concert -   =  $110 VALUE


“ACCORDION-O-GRAM” — Wish someone special a Happy Birthday or Anniversary by having Abe Goldstien appear unannounced at restaurant and or private party to serenade the birthday person or anniversary couple on his accordion.  $100 per 




**At $150.00**


Special Edition – “Van Halen 1984 - Crying Smoking Angel ” print – Autographed by creator, Margo Nahas (in honor of the late Eddie VH)



**At $200.00**


4-180 GRAM LP “Pure McCartney” Box Set / Downloadable tracks included


Original Bill Anderson Art Print - "Kool Kat" (Valued $250.00)


Pair of season tickets for five remaining shows at First Unitarian Church

(Value: $162 per ticket / $324 per pair – you save approx. $70.00 on the package):

Mean Mary - 11/11/23

Rupert Wates - 12/16/23

Triflemore - 2/17/24

The Honey Dewdrops - 4/13/24

Annie Mack - 5/18/24



**At $225.00**


Pair of 2-Day Passes to 2024 80/35 Festival – $250.00 Value-Save $25.00 (2 pr) 



**At $250.00**


Gift Certificate from the Hotel Patee



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KFMG Donation Premium List!!!
Juls Bruns on October 23, 2023 at 1:25 pm said:
Hi, Ron:

I'm glad I could give $50 this year. I love the station and appreciate all the hard work you and everyone does to keep it going. As always, my favorite is Preston Daniels "First Monday" show.
I'm interested in the $25 Premium for Gateway Market and $25 for Zombie Burger, Centro or Malo. Thanks a million.


KFMG Donation Premium List!!!
Marti Greene on October 23, 2022 at 2:12 pm said:
I love the variety of new and old favorites. I am constantly purchasing new to me music from what I have heard on KFMG. I love starting my work day with the 5:01am blues. Thank you.

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