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Iowa Basement Tapes blog #21-30


~ Thoughts and track lists from Kristian Day, host of the weekly program, Iowa Basement Tapes, which airs Thursday nights from 9-10 p.m. ~


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Iowa Basement Tapes #30 - 1/24/2019

Night Listeners -


Welcome to episode 30 of Iowa Basement Tapes and two new radio stations: KWIT 90.3FM & KOJI 90.7FM on Siouxland Public Media which covers the western Iowa area of Sioux City, northeastern Nebraska and the southeast edge of South Dakota. I'm stoked to be hitting their listeners every Friday night from 11PM to midnight. Don't forget you can also listen to the show every Thursday from 9PM to 10PM on 98.9FM KFMG in Des Moines and KCOE Coe College in Cedar Rapids. Lots of new material for tonight's show and I'd also like to finally share with everyone the Iowa Basement Tapes Bandcamp Archive. I was inspired by the archives on 319dude.bandcamp.com and the quadcitymusicarchive.bandcamp.com pages to curate my own collection of musical artifacts. Many of these recordings have already been heard on the show once or twice before but there are some new ones. If anyone would like to send over any recordings for me to add please do! The purpose is to preserve and circulate these recordings so they don't fall away into that great black hole that we all are aware of...


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  1. The Tanks - "Tightpants Picks a Fight" / Pull The Trigger, Bear (Iowa City)
  2. The Grifters - "Winnebago" / Confidence Trick Vol 1 (Des Moines)
  3. Karen Meat & The Vanhnevants - "Falling / Karen Meats The Vanhnevants (Des Moines)
  4. Sludgeplow - "Today Is A Good Day To Die / Turned Earth (Cedar Rapids)
  5. Spidercake - "The Mad Son's New Tie" / Spidercake (Des Moines)
  6. Polybond - "Envelope" / Mushroom (?)
  7. Riff Worm - "Feels Great" Featuring Billy Carr / Riff Worm - Lucid Webbs (Dubuque)
  8. Peanut Ricky - "Good Hurt" / I Think I Am Not Ok (Iowa City)
  9. Siouxer Rats - "Agent 712" / Rattle and Shake with the Siouxer Rats (Sioux City)
  10. Jailbus - "Buckshot" / Bloated Saturday Compilation Vol 1 (Iowa City)
  11. Tires - "6" / TIRES (Des Moines)
  12. Animal Mothers - "To Live Is To High" / Demo (Des Moines)
  13. The Ruralist - "Sharks!" / Birth of Birds (Sioux City)
  14. Captain Three Leg - "416" / 2907 (Ottumwa)


Iowa Basement Tapes #26 - 12/27/2018

Night Listeners -


This is the final broadcast for 2018. We have a had a hell of a good year since we started back in July. Lots of great tunes and conversations with artists and fans alike. A big thank you to 98.9fm KFMG for giving me a chance with my first radio show and KCOE in Cedar Rapids for being the first station to syndicate it outside of Des Moines. To all the podcast archive listeners, I see our analytics every week and they keep growing. Tonight I play some new artists to the program including Piss Exorcist, Spidercake, and Sex Funeral. I promise you will be hearing all these cats again next year.


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  1. Tires - "8" / Tires (Des Moines)
  2. Waverly - "Do and Don't Leave" / Fledgling (Iowa City)
  3. Spidercake - "Skin Graft Jazz" / Spidercake (Des Moines)
  4. Piss Exorcist - "Mouth Rot" / Piss Exorcist (Quad Cities)
  5. Elizabeth Moen - "Tripple Scoop" / A Million Miles (Iowa City)
  6. Peanut Ricky - "Bad Luck" / I Think I am Not OK (Iowa City)
  7. Sex Funeral - "B2" / Due For Electronic Percussion (Dubuque)
  8. Nicholas Naoti - "Side B" Excerpt / Watery Grave (Fairfield)
  9. P. Morrow - "Mountain" / At Least The Year (Grinnell)
  10. Captain Three Leg - "347" / 3516 (Ottumwa)
  11. When Bitter Spring Sleeps - "Eternity Speaks" / Star-Thrown (Cedar Rapids)


Iowa Basement Tapes #25 - 12/20/2018

Night Listeners -


Christmas is next week and I am chilling in the basement of Dylan Sires' Dad's house in Waterloo, Iowa. I bet no one saw that coming. Dylan is upstairs, I asked if he wanted to join me tonight for the show and he politely declined. I play a lot of chill music with a dash of noise with metal for dessert.

Winter is a weird time for music. I hate going to shows because it's too cold and there is nothing worse than being a little tipsy when it is below freezing. However, I do love warm ambient music during this time of year. I remember being in high school and jamming Sigur Ros - ( ) during winter break when the snow covered the streets and Christmas lights illuminated my basement bedroom in my mom's house in Ely, Iowa. So for the next few weeks, I am going to be picking out lots of "warm" music. Please note: the no wave music I have chosen does not fall in this category.


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  1. Zuul - "As Sure As God Got Sandals" / Zuul (Iowa City)
  2. Zuul - "Blowin Kisses Makin Wishes" / Zuul (Iowa City)
  3. Peanut Ricky - "Dead Animals" / I Think I Am Not OK (Iowa City)
  4. Preacher - "Rebel" / La Sangre Esta Sabre Tus Manos (Cedar Rapids)
  5. Deerslayer - "Says Stone" featuring Bensmasher / (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Waverly - "Please Don't Fall Apart" / Fledging (Iowa City)
  7. Tires - "7" / Tires (Des Moines)
  8. The Beaches - "Bad Stone" / Viviparous Sounds (Des Moines)
  9. Austrinaut - "Basement Birthday Party" / I Don't Know Man, I can't Predict The Future (Des Moines)
  10. Deerslayer - "24 Years Later" / (Cedar Rapids)
  11. Nicholas Naoti -  "Side A" Excerpt / Watery Grave (Fairfield)
  12. P. Morrow - "Selling Graces" / At Least The Year (Grinnell)
  13. Huxley Maxwell - "Man Dies" / Bummer City, Dude (Des Moines)
  14. Captain Three Leg - "303" / 3516 (Ottumwa)


Iowa Basement Tapes #22 - 11/29/2018

Night Listeners,

This week I am in the KFMG studios with studio manger Gary Monte interviewing filmmaker Jack Meggers about his life in Mason City during the grunge era of the 90s. We play his band Ming's Daughter as well as fellow northern Iowa bands Todd's Neat Futons and Sorry Excuse. Jack left Iowa for fifteen years and returned in 2014 where he was reintroduced to Iowa's music scene. He brings on a handful of tracks that have inspired in creatively since returning to the state.

Listen to us on 98.9 KFMG - LP Des Moines and KCOE - Coe College Cedar Rapids. Catch up on the archives via iTunes.

  1. Waverly - "Stop This" / Fledging (Iowa City)
  2. The Bends - "3AT" / Live at Gabes 04-30-2003 (Cedar Rapids)
  3. The Roughhousers - "Feed You're Standing On" / Woodchip Soul (Iowa City)
  4. Ming's Daughter - "Marathon Prophet" / Demo (Mason City)
  5. Todds Neat Futons - "?" / Demo (Belmond)
  6. Sorry Excuse - "?" / Demo (Mason City)
  7. Dylan Sires & Neighbors - "Good Ol Boy" / Someone (Waterloo)
  8. Love Songs For Lonely Monsters - "Ganglion Sister" / Love Songs For Lonely Monsters (Des Moines)
  9. Condor & Jay Bird - "Lightbringer 5" / God Wants Us To Do What God Wants Us To Do (Quad Cities)
  10. Mint - "Confusion" / Chemical (Des Moines)
  11. Dylan Sires - "Get You" / Previously Unreleased (Des Moines)


Iowa Basement Tapes #21 - 11/22/2018

Night Listeners -

Happy Thanksgiving! If you are one of our listeners from KCOE in Cedar Rapids, we have a ton of tunes from your neck of the woods. Digging through the crates we got an old demo from ol' Will Whitmore of his tune "Gravel Road". This was ripped directly from the cassette that was mailed to Brad Adita for the Another Day In The Air compilations. I also got new newer tunes from Peanut Ricky, Huxley Maxwell, and Waverly. This playlist was crafted for those who are chilling in their food coma and just want everyone to leave them alone. Jack Meggers will be joining me next week to discuss Mason City's once-thriving alternative music scene.

Listen to Iowa Basement Tapes live on 98.9 FM KFMG-LP Des Moines and on KCOE Coe College Student Radio. If you miss the show, be sure to subscribe to the archives on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.


  1. Goldblums - "Black Comb" / Drug Window (Des Moines)
  2. William Elliot Whitemore - "Gravel Road" / Early Demos (Keokuk)
  3. Waverly - "Tea Leaves and Telepathy" / Fledgling (Iowa City)
  4. The Roughhousers - "Old Oak Tree Garage" / Woodchip Soul (Cedar Rapids)
  5. Fidgit Noise - "My Momma's Movin" / Fidgit Noise (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Soviet Dissonance - "Here to Stay" / Highway to Hills (Cedar Rapids)
  7. Honky Tonk Overlords - "Bandana Thrash is Fing Stupid" / SciFi Fish Fry (Ottumwa)
  8. Huxley Maxwell -"Candy Colored Hydra" / Bummer City, Dude (Des Moines)
  9. Milk & Eggs - "Buddy Brown" / Milk & Eggs (Burlington)
  10. Peanut Ricky - "Bad Luck" / I Am Not OK (Iowa City)
  11. The Goon Squad - "Meat Therapy" / The Goon Squad (Iowa City)
  12. Wheel and the Fence - "Emperor Moths" / Wheel and the Fence (Cedar Rapids)
  13. The Slats - "The New Moonshine" / Pick It Up (Cedar Falls)
  14. Miracles of God - "Cult" / O' What A Wonderful Day (Iowa City)
  15. Brooks Strause - "Golden Dawn" / Acid Casual (Iowa City)